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New Generation Exhaust Gas Purifier for Generators (Patent filed)
Petrol, Gas and Diesel Driven Engines

Nimra Cerglass was founded in 1986. We develop and manufacture new generation highly efficient exhaust gas purification systems (Catalytic Converters) for all kinds of Petrol, Gas and Diesel driven Generators based on the internationally patented invention. Our objective is to use our patented technology in collaboration with customers / partners and develop user friendly, highly durable and highly efficient system for purifying the exhaust gases.

We design an optimize the exhaust purification system according to the customers requirements and needs, as per the specifications of engine, fuel and application we can design and manufacture suitable preheater and formulate the catalyst according to the sulfur content and other impurities present in the fuel making it suitable for specific application.


Nimra Cerglass with its new generation Electrically heated Catalytic Converter (Patent filed) provides solution for controlling pollution from the Generator, set engines operating on Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, LPG, Bio-Gas and Natural gas.

A catalytic converter used today is inefficient and does not meet higher emmission standards as it takes time to reach optimal operating temperature. A generator set emits a large amount of exhaust emmission within the first few minutes of operation following a cold start.

Electrically heated catalytic converter consumes a small amount of electrical energy (less than 5% of generator capacity) from the generator set to heat the exhaust to the required temperature resulting in very high catalyst performance efficiency without effecting the engine performance and efficiency.

As soon as the engine is started the electrically heated catalytic converter draws a small amount of electrical energy from the generator to heat the exhaust in seconds, the heated exhaust is made to pass through a catalyst coated honeycomb effecting the conversion of pollutants.(Please refer the schematic representation)

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